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Are you a fan of the game Oldschool Runescape? Then you probably have a good account and you also know that osrsgp is very important in the game. A lot of things cost a lot of gold, especially gear. A Bandos Chestplate costs 30 million gold and a Twisted Bow costs 1000 million gold. All a lot of gold and collecting gold can sometimes take hundreds of hours. Not everyone has time for this, but they do want to have these valuable items. Fortunately, there is a solution and you can easily buy gold on the internet. Buy osrsgp is easy, provided you know exactly how it works. Do you want to know exactly how to buy gold and what to look for? In this article, we will discuss this in detail so that you will know everything about it.



First, you need to find a suitable and reliable provider for buying gold. There are many providers who sell the gold in the wrong way. They use new osrs accounts, and the chance of a ban is therefore much higher. Annoying, because of course you do not want to be banned by Jagex for buying gold. LuckyCharmGold is a reliable provider and ensures that you can safely get the gold. They do this with accounts that have a high level, so Jagex cannot see that it is a gold seller. This is of course ideal and they also offer a low price for the gold. LuckyCharmGold delivers gold within 5 minutes and you can use it immediately. LuckyCharmGold also has a loyalty program, this means that you can get a lot of discount if you place many orders.

How it works

Now you are probably curious how it all works. On the website of LuckyCharmGold you can see exactly how you should buy it. It is very important that you enter the in-game name of your account in Oldschool Runescape. When you have paid, you will receive a message from LuckyCharmGold. This message tells you exactly where you have to be in Oldschool Runescape and in which world you can collect the gold. On location, you will receive a trade request from one of the accounts of LuckyCharmGold. You will receive the gold and you can do anything you want with it. LuckyCharmGold will never ask the gold back, and it is important you don’t trade it to others.